OUH Account Migration Information

On July 1, 2022, OU Health employees will lose email access to their OUHSC.EDU account. OU IT has prepared the following article to help answer questions regarding the impact of this OU Health initiated change.

What will change?

  • You will no longer have access to view, send, or receive email using your OUHSC.EDU address
  • You will be unable to access OUHSC shared mailboxes or act as a delegate on an OUHSC account

What will not change?

  • Aside from email, permissions and access to University resources will not change for your OUHSC.EDU username and password. OU IT has taken a proactive approach and worked with departments across the University to ensure service remains available.

The University and OU Health understand the importance of communication and have established a GAL Sync which enables user contact information to be visible and available to each organization.



Q: Can OUH users be added to OUHSC distribution lists?

A: Yes! OUHSC staff members may manage OUHSC distribution lists and add OUH email accounts by logging into groups.ou.edu with your OUHSC email address and password.


Q: Can OUH users send emails to OUHSC distribution lists?

A: No. The ability to send to an OUHSC distribution list is reserved for OUHSC email accounts.


Q: Can an OUH account have delegate access to an OUHSC account?

A: No. Delegate access can only be provided to an OUHSC account.


Q: Can an OUH account view the free/busy information for an OUHSC account?

A: Yes! In order to view free/busy settings the calendar owner will need to manually provide permissions to the OUH email address via “Sharing Permission”. For instructions on this process, please see Sharing Outlook Calendar with External Individuals.


Q: Will I receive an email notification when my password is about to expire?

A: No. OU IT encourages you to change your OUHSC password when you change your OUH password.


Q: How do I unlock or reset my password?

A: Utilize existing self-service options or you may continue to call 405-764-8000 for account assistance.

Q: What happens when someone emails my OUHSC.EDU email address?

A: The message will fail to arrive, and the sender will receive a bounce back message indicating your email resides with OU Health

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