How to Update Your Voicemail Notification Email Address

Please note: Only OUHSC or OUHealth email addresses are approved domains for setting your voicemail notification email address. OU IT is monitoring the setting of voicemail notifications and will take action on any account which violates the policy by removing the address and notifying the account holder of the violation.

  1. To update the email address used for voicemail notifications, please go to and log in with your phone extension and password. HSC Voicemail Login Page
  2. Next, on the navigation bar click Notification Settings. HSC Voicemail Notification Settings Page
  3. Now select the E-Mail tab.
  4. Enter the new email in the E-Mail Address field. Please remember to follow the restrictions on allowed email communication domains.
  5. Finally select the OK button. HSC Voicemail Notification Settings Email Tab
  6. The new email address is now set.



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