Processing an Approval Request

As part of the ITSupport request process, some forms will require verification and approval from a departmental supervisor or manager. This individual will be sent an approval request that must be completed prior to additional actions being processed.

These requests will look like the following:

  1. The original user will fill out the form for their request, including the name of their departmental supervisor or manager. Some forms will automatically determine the organizational approver based upon PeopleSoft designation.
  2. The departmental representative will then receive an approval request in their email.
    • In this email, the approver can act on the request by clicking the "First-Level Approval Workflow Step".
    • If they want additional details on the request, they can click the Service Request link on the ID line. 
  3. After clicking the First-Level Approval Workflow Step link, they will be taken to the Approval screen. If they wish to approve the request, they may click the Approve button. If they do not wish to approve, they can click the Reject button.
  4. If the approver chose to view the additional ticket details and clicked the Service Request link, they will be taken to the full ticket view to see all the request information provided. 


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