Avaya Call Management - Logging in and out using Agent ID & Reason Codes

How to Log in and out using Agent ID


Login is used to staff your position and tell the system your location.

  1. Press Log In button.
  2. Listen for dial tone.
  3. Enter your Agent ID code.
  4. Listen for dial tone.
  5. Enter your Agent password code
  6. Listen for a 3-beep confirmation tone.
  7. AUX lamp lights up.
  8. Hang-up
  9. Press Auto IN button to be available for incoming calls.


This button is to be used when leaving for the day.

  1. Press Log Out button    
    You will hear 3 beeps confirmation tone 
  2. Hang-up


To use Aux Reason Codes:  AUX 

Use AUX to temporarily halt ACD calls. This should be used for reasons such as lunch, breaks, or other extended periods when you will be away from the phone. Ask your supervisor if you need clarification on which code you should use for what tasks.

  1. Press AUX button and enter in the one-digit AUX reason code.
  2. AUX should only be used for the reasons listed below or with permission from your supervisor. 

AUX Reason Codes:

  1. Lunch
  2. Break
  3. Meeting
  4. Personal time/Restroom
  5. Outbound calls
  6. Training
  7. Projects

Note - If the agent fails to enter an Aux Reason Code, the system will automatically place the agent in Aux Reason code "0" which is defined as "Default" on the CMS reports.

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