MyDesk (VDI) HSC WFH Solution

Please note, you will need to install PingID and then authenticate to get access to this program, please see this page for more.

Unsure on which Work From Home product to choose? Use this guide to help decide:

Accessing VDI:

Navigate to and sign in using your HSC ID.

1. Click on VMware Horizon HTML Access
Selecting the VMware Horizon HTML Access

2. Enter your HSC ID and Password.
Enter your OUHSC User ID and Password.

3. You should also now be promoted to accept the authentication in PingID. 


Please check your devices for Ping ID authentication when logging into VMware Horizon.

4. Faculty and staff should select COOP Remote Pool from the list of available virtual desktops. Students should select OUVDI-1a unless your college IT staff communicates the availability of a college-specific VDI pool.

Choosing a virtual desktop.

5. Desktop will load using your respective campus credentials.

A virtual desktop will begin startup the same as a physical computer.

If you have problems connecting to Horizon VDI ( please contact contact your local service desk. HSC IT Service Desk | Tulsa IT Service Desk.


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