Webmail.ouhsc.edu Email Setup - iOS

Add Webmail.ouhsc.edu to iOS Device

If you are a user still utilizing webmail.ouhsc.edu and not Microsoft 365, you may set up your account using the instructions below.

  • Select Settings
  • Select Mail
  • Select Accounts
  • Select Add Account
  • Select Microsoft Exchange
  • Complete the setup with the following information:
    • Email: your OUHSC email address (firstname-lastname@ouhsc.edu or userID@ouhsc.edu)
    • Password: your OUHSC password
    • Description: Optional - Defaults to Exchange
  • Select Next in the upper right corner
  • After verifying, select Configure Manually. New fields will appear
  • Server: webmail.ouhsc.edu
  • Domain: OUHSC
  • Username: your OUHSC UserID (username)
  • Password: You may be required to enter your OUHSC password again
  • Select Next in the upper right corner
  • Select the components you want synchronized to your device
  • Select Save in the upper right corner

Note you may additionally receive a few security prompts you will have to complete. These are the Secure Mobile Polices that are required to be on your device. Once you finish it might take a minute or two to load in your emails.


Removing OUHSC Email from iOS Device

  • Select Settings
  • Select Mail
  • Select Accounts
  • Select your Exchange account
  • Select Delete Account at the bottom
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