OUHSC Email - Android

Add OUHSC Email to Android Phone

Theses instructions were written using a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 9.0.0. Experiences may vary; However the general settings should be the same.

  • Navigate to Settings > Accounts (or Accounts and Backups).
  • Add Account.
  • Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Enter in your OUHSC Email address (e.g., jane-doe@ouhsc.edu).
  • Enter in your OUHSC Password (click "Show password to verify it's the correct one).
  • Select Manual Setup.
  • For Domain\Username enter in your HSC username (e.g., ouhsc\jdoe27).
  • Ensure your password is still in the password field.
  • For Exchange Server enter in "webmail.ouhsc.edu"
  • Click Next.
  • Agree to the Privacy Policy and click OK.

From here you will receive a few prompts on email settings you are allowed to change. Additionally there are a few security prompts you will have to complete. These are the Secure Mobile Polices that are required to be on your device. Once you finish it might take a minute or two to load in your emails. 


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