OUHSC Secure File Transfer - Sender Info

Using the new OUHSC Secure File Transfer (Sender view)

  1. Using your Internet browser of choice, go to https://sft.ouhsc.edu
  2. You will see a login interface similar to the following. Enter your OUHSC username and password and click Sign In. Email Address should not be used for login for this application.  

    Note:  This service is only available to OUHSC Faculty, Staff and Affiliates.
    Logging into the secure file transfer interface.

    NOTE: Your browser may prompt you to save your password to this website after you click Sign In.  Security highly recommends you do NOT save or cache your password in the browser.
  3. Once you are fully logged in, you will see the Secure File Transfer client interface as seen below. When you are ready, click the blue Compose Delivery button on the left-hand side.

    The secure file transfer interface.
  4. The Express Delivery window should appear. This functions very much like a mail client.  Enter the email address of your recipient(s) in the To field, the Subject line as you would like it to appear to them along with any specific message you want to appear in the body of the email.

    Utilizing secure file transfer express delivery.
  5. When you are ready to attach your large file, either click Attach files and browse to the location of the file OR you can simply drag & drop the file into the Express Delivery browser window.

    There is a maximum size limit of 10GB.  If you need to transfer a file larger than this, contact the IT Service Desk at 405-325-HELP [4357].

    A progress indicator in the bottom-left-hand-corner of the browser window shows the upload progress. When uploading is complete it should look like image below. When you see the completed upload, click the Close button.

    Successfully uploading a file for transfer.
  6. When you are ready, click the blue Send button near the top-right of the Express Delivery window to send your message and you’re all done!


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