How to download and install Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows

1. Introduction

How to download and install Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows.

2. Detailed Procedure 

1.    Go to the following web link to download the Polycom RealPresence Desktop software:

Scroll down to the "Windows Software Downloads" section and select "Version 3.9 for Windows (individual installation)".  Accept the "terms and conditions" then select "Submit".  Download the file to your desktop, then install.

2.    Select "Enterprise", then select the "Enter" button.

Note:  You will select "Individual" if you purchased a license for Polycom RealPresence Desktop.


3.    Fill in the "Email:" field with your OUHSC email address.  Select the "Next" button.

4a.  The "Server:" field should display "", if not, enter "".  If the computer IS REGISTERED with the campus domain, then check the box indicating "Sign in using network login credentials....".  Select the "Sign In" button.


4b.  If the computer IS NOT REGISTERED with the campus domain, then fill in the "User Name:" field with "ouhsc\username".  Type your password and select the "Sign In" button.

4c.  If your using a local guest account (i.e. cnbguest1), then fill in the "User Name:" field with "local\username".  Type your password and select the "Sign In" button.


5.    There will be a "Server Certificate" window that opens.  Select the "Yes" button to acknowledge you trust it.

6.    Select "Place a Call".  "Connect to Room" is used to pair with an existing Polycom codec in the room.  This option will never be used.

7.    Select "Yes" for "Always start from "Place a call" screen?"

7.    The username with the domain should be displayed at the top right of the window.  The SIP name should be displayed at the bottom right.  The "Dialing Preference" must be changed from SIP preferred to H323 preferred.  Select the "Gear Wheel" in the bottom right corner to access the "Settings" screen.

8.    Select "General" on the "Settings" screen.  Go to "Dialing Preferences" and change it from "SIP Preferred" to "H323 Preferred".

9.    Select "Audio Device" on the "Settings" screen.  Make sure "USB Headset Acoustic Fence" and "Enable NoiseBlock" are NOT checked.  These features are causing audio drop out in some of our classroom environments.

10.    Once the changes in Steps 8 & 9 have been made, select the "OK" button.

11.    The "E164" should now be displayed at the bottom right and begin with "667...".  The "E164" acts like a phone extension for your Polycom RealPresence Desktop software and reflects the change from SIP to H323.

Note:  The following slide lists the hardware and software requirements for Polycom RealPresence Desktop.  You must have a laptop equipped with a webcam or a USB webcam for your computer; for instance, various models of the Logitech HD Pro Webcams have been tested and work with Polycom RealPresence Desktop.

Note 2:  I would recommend not installing the webcam software and letting windows manage the webcam.

3. Supporting Documentation

Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows Release Notes and User Guide for v3.7 - December 2016 can be found at 

Polycom RealPresence Desktop Support Documents 


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