OUHSC Secure File Transfer - Recipient Info

Using the new OUHSC Secure File Transfer (Recipient view)

  1.  A recipient of a Secure File Delivery will receive an email from the sender letting them know that a file is waiting for them to retrieve.

  2. The message will be similar to this:


  3. Click the blue View Delivery button.  This will take you to the Secure File Transfer registration page to retrieve the file. The recipient will need to register for an account if they do NOT have an OUHSC account.

    NOTE: The recipient will only need to choose a password (rest of the form’s required fields will be populated for them).

  4. The recipient will receive an email from notify@sft.ouhsc.edu prompting them to activate their account. They just need to click the blue Activate account button.

  5. This will direct them to the Secure File Transfer login page with a notification that their account is activated and prompting them to login. Enter password created in step #3.  If you had previously setup an account and forgotten your password, you can utilize the Forgot your password link.

  6. Once logged in, their Inbox with their secure message will appear.

  7. Open the message and if message includes attachment(s) download by clicking the individual file(s) or clicking the Download As Zip button to get everything at once.         


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Fri 5/7/21 3:38 PM