Install Avaya Mobile Application for iPhone

The Avaya mobile application iPhone will allow you to call an extension from your iPhone and make it appear as if you are setting at your desk.  You will need the Follow Me Mobility Service in order to utilize this application. 


1.  You will need to download the Avaya Equinox application from the App Store.

2.  When opening the application, you will be presented with two options. Select Configure my account.

3.  From screen below, select the symbol.

4.  Select Manually Configure.

5.  You should now be on Settings screen shown below. Select Advanced.

6.  From the Advanced screen below, select Dialing Rules.

7.  Setup the Dialing Rules for the app as shown below. In the example below, the Number to dial to access an outside line has been left blank. When left blank, the app follows on-campus rules and requires a 9 to dial off-campus numbers. If you wish to be able to dial without the need to enter 9, enter 9 in this field. After entering the information, select Done until you are back at the Settings screen.

8.  From the Settings screen, selct Services. This should take you to the screen below. If you do not see all the options listed, turn on the Service Details switch. From the Services screen select EC500 Calling.

9. From the EC500 Calling screen, turn on EC500 Calling and then fill in the settings as shown below. Select Done when finished.

 You will now be able to utilize this application to call extensions on campus and make it appear as if you are on your office phone. This is accomplished by selecting the  on the main screen.

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