Login to HSC computer with new HSC credentials while off campus

If you need to change your HSC password while off campus, follow these steps to use the new password to login to an HSC Windows computer.

NOTE: If you've already changed the HSC password before following the steps outlined below, you will have to login to the computer using your previous HSC password.

  1. Change your HSC password by going to ouhsc.edu/password
  2. Once the password's been changed, login to GlobalProtect using the new password
  3. Lock the computer by holding down the Windows key and press the "L" key
  4. Unlock the computer using the new HSC password
  5. Restart the computer and login using your new HSC password

NOTE: If you're not able to login using the new password, repeat steps 2 - 5.


Article ID: 2308
Thu 5/6/21 3:00 PM