Emergency Communication System (ECS): Employee

How employees update Emergency Communication System (ECS)

  • Open a web browser and go to http://ouhsc.edu/ecs and select the employee link. 
  • Enter your OUHSC User ID (username) and Password and click the Sign In button. 
  • Click inside the editable fields to change the existing phone numbers. Once all changes have been made, click the SAVE button. (NOTE: You must select one phone number as your preferred number for primary communication.) 
  • Click the ADD A PHONE NUMBER button if you're needing to add a phone number. A new phone type field is added. Select the Phone Type. To receive a text message for ECS, you must select Mobile. Type the phone number in the Telephone field and click Save. You can only have one number to receive text messages. (NOTE: You may incur additional charge for text messaging on your cell phone depending on your service provider.) 
  • To delete a phone number, click the delete button to the right of the number. Click the YES - DELETE button to confirm. 
  • Once you've made all your changes, click the SAVE button. Click the OK button to confirm your changes. 


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