Adding Mailboxes In Outlook for Mac

Adding an additional mailbox to Outlook for Mac is required when viewing a secondary inbox. On Windows, Outlook can add them automatically. However, the same cannot be said for Outlook for Mac. The following will use the Service Desk as an example. Of course, you will replace this with whatever mailbox you are trying to add.

  • Open Outlook for Mac
  • Go to Preferences
    • You can do this by go to Outlook > Preferences in the menu bar up top, or hit Command+, (comma) as a shortcut
  • Choose Accounts
  • If you have more than one e-mail account, make sure your OUHSC Exchange (1) account is selected
  • Select Advanced... (2) on the bottom right


  • Choose the Delegates (3) tab and hit the plus sign under Open these additional mailboxes: (4)


  • Type in the name of the mailbox
    • You can search by the name or e-mail address


  • Hit Add and the mailbox will be in your list. Now hit OK and close the Accounts window.
  • If you have permissions, you may get a popup, hit Allow
    • If you don't have permissions you will get an error message. If this is the case, contact the owner of the mailbox.


If everything was succuessful, you will see your mailbox in your sidebar. You may need to restart Outlook to have it sync properly. If you still need assistance, contact the owner of the mailbox to make sure you have permissions. If that doesn't work, contact the IT Service Desk.



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Thu 5/6/21 2:05 PM