Account Management - Unlock Account

How to Unlock Your Account

This article will show you, step-by-step, how to unlock your HSC account.

  1. Go to; click "Login". 
  2. Click "Unlock Account" 
  3. Supply your username; click "Continue". 
    • If you have not enrolled in DUO, you'll be directed to either login into the site (if you remember the password) or contacting the Service Desk. 
    • If you have enrolled in DUO, choose your DUO method for authentication 
  4. After you've authenticated with DUO, click "Unlock Account". 
  5. You'll get a green box stating, "Your account has been unlocked successfully." 
  6. Click "Back to home" link. 
  7. You'll return to the sign in page. 


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Thu 5/6/21 9:19 AM