Generating Duo Mobile Passcodes

One of the options for authenticating into an OUHSC system protected by two-factor authentication is to use a Duo Mobile Passcode. These are generated using the Duo Mobile application on your activated device (smartphone or tablet) by following this procedure.

  1. Login to your desired system as usual
  2. When prompted for an Authentication Method, choose “Enter a Passcode”
  3. On your mobile device, open the Duo Mobile application
  4. You will see a line designated “OUHSC”, including a button to the right with the image of a key in it
  5. Tap this “key” button  and you will be presented a 6-digit code in large font. This is the passcode you will enter in your web browser prompt.
    NOTE: Passcode presented in this image is an example only. You will receive a unique passcode, usable ONLY by you, each time you tap the “key” button


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Wed 5/5/21 4:03 PM
Wed 5/5/21 4:03 PM