New eFax Service

eFax is a service offered by Information Technology which uses the campus fax server to convert faxes into PDF attachments and then deliver the fax via email to a designated email mailbox or network share. See example below:


There is an additional $5.00 per month charge associated with this service which covers the cost of the resources used on the eFax system, along with the current charge of the existing fax line ($5.00/monthly internal faxes only or $20.00/monthly for external faxes).  A physical fax machine can be used in conjunction with the service to send faxes, but it is not necessary.

Once the service is setup, designated users will be able to send faxes by sending documents as attachments to [phone number] Sent faxes will be billed to the fax number that subscribes to the eFax service at the standard telephone service rates.

If you would like to request this service, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Fax number
  • At minimum, one of the following: 
    • Designated Group email address if the faxes need to be delivered to multiple users
    • Individual email address if faxes will be delivered to a specific user
    • Individual email address of users that will have permission to send faxes on-behalf of the fax number
    • Full file path (\\\share-name) of shared folder
  • Chartfield or billing code


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