Papercut FAQs

Where can I print using my Papercut account?

Currently, you can print using the funds from your Papercut account in the following locations:

College Location Printer Name(s) Web Printing? Copying?
Student Union (IT) Student Union, Room 105 (lab computers on both 1st and 2nd floor have these printers mapped)


Yes Yes
College of Medicine (Medical Students Only) BSEB 159, BSEB 160-169 & BSEB 260-269  Comd-bseb--b5460n_papercut Yes No
College of Allied Health AHB 2040  AHB2040-Dell5210n_papercut Yes (ONLY) No
College of Pharmacy COP 105


Yes No
Bird Library

Non-Print Media (3rd Floor)

Non-Print Media (3rd Floor) - Color







College of Nursing

CNB 140





How do I utilize webprint through my own device?

You can access webprint through the Papercut website at


What is the cost of printing at all locations?

Cost is $.05 per printed page (one page printed on both sides will cost $.10)


How do I add money on my Papercut account?

After you login to any of the lab machines located at the above locations, you will have a window popup in the top right-hand side of the screen providing you the dollar amount that is currently in your Papercut account. If you need to add additional funds to your account, you will need to click on Details in that window. This will take you to the Papercut website where you can login to your account (using your OUHSC credentials). By clicking on Add Credit, you will be sent to our Touchnet site where you can add funds by entering in your charge card information. Discover, Mastercard and Visa is accepted.


When will I be charged for the print job?

Your Papercut account will be charged for the print job when you click Printat the Release Station located on the printers in the hallway next to Beakers Cafe. Your job will remain in the Release Station queue for 2 hours after you submit the print job from the workstation. After 2 hours, the job will be deleted and your account will not be charged.


What happens to my money in my Papercut account when I leave the University?

Your money remains in your Papercut account as long as you continue your affiliation with OUHSC. Should you finish your studies, the remaining Papercut funds can only be refunded if you have more than $10.00 in your account (requires a written request to the IT Service Desk). Any amounts less than $10.00 will be forfeited. We strongly advise you to add small increments to your account as needed to eliminate loss of funds.


When are refunds allowed?

Refunds will only be given on corrupted print jobs. The staff will need to see the job that was printed and as much detail as possible on the source document.


What should I do if I have a corrupted print job after working hours when staff is not on duty?

You will want to keep the corrupted print job to supply to the staff later and send an email to with the following information in the body of the email:

  • Your contact information (name, username and cell phone number)
  • The attached file you are trying to print or the link to the file
  • A detailed description of the issue you experienced
  • Date/time you had the issue
  • Location (Student Union, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Allied Health or College of Pharmacy)
  • Printer name/number you submitted print job to
  • Workstation that was used in the lab


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