Windows: Configure Outlook for OUHSC Email

Note: If you're connecting to the Internet off-campus, you'll need to perform the following steps before configuring Outlook.

  • Go to and login using your OUHSC username/password. Download the GlobalProtect agent for your OS. 
  • After launch, select to connect to and log in using your OUHSC username/password. Now authenticate the log in with your multi-factor method when prompted.


Windows 7 - Click on Start, and select Control Panel. (Windows 8/10 instructions below)


Windows 8/10 - Right click on Windows Start Icon, and select Control Panel.

Double click on the Mail icon. (If you do not see the Mail icon, there should be dropdown menu labeled "View by:". Change this to Large or Small icons)


You will be presented with this screen. Click E-Mail Accounts...

Enter Your Name, OUHSC Email Address, and OUHSC password then click Next.


Click Finish.

Note: Some computers will prompt you to enter in additional information. Should you be prompted with a login box, click "Other User or Other Options". For Username enter "ouhsc\" followed by your OUHSC User ID and enter in your OUHSC Password. Click Remember My Credentials, then OK.

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