How to connect Mac OS X to HSCSTUDENT

OUHSC requires all portable computing devices that access campus resources to have a device password and some basic security settings enabled. This includes all smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. that access OUHSC email and the HSC wireless networks. If you're going to use email with Protected Health Information (PHI) you'll need to use a device that meets government approved encryption for data at rest. If you set up your device to access HSC email, these security settings will be pushed to your device.

See the Portable Computing Device Security policy and standard at and Smartphone Security at



  • Select Settings
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • Turn Wi-Fi ON if it is not already on
  • Enter your HSC username and password.
  • Select Join in the upper right corner
  • Accept the Security Certificate.



To set up your email on your Mac OS device, please see this article.


Security Settings

  • Select Settings
  • Select General
  • Select Auto-Lock and change it to 5 Minutes
  • Select General in the upper left corner
  • Select Settings in the upper left corner
  • Select Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode (iPhone 5s)
  • Turn OFF Simple Passcode
  • Select Turn Passcode On
  • Enter a passcode that is at least 5 alpha/numeric digits.  Select Next in the top right-hand corner
  • Enter the passcode again.  Select Done in the top right-hand corner.
  • This will return you to the Passcode (Touch ID & Passcode) screen
  • Select Require Passcode
  • Select Immediately
  • Select Back
  • Turn ON Erase Data
  • Select Enable
  • Select General in the upper left corner
  • Select Settings in the upper left corner

Your iOS device is now configured with the recommended security settings, the HSCSTUDENT wireless network, and to send/receive OUHSC email.

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