Requesting a Non-Standard Computer Exception

1. Review the Standardized Computer Program at This page provides links to the Computer Standardization Policy, information on standardized computers and the exception process, and links to the OKC campus purchasing details.

2. The button in Oklahoma City – Purchase Details under the How Do I Purchase a Computer? section will take you to the IT Service Portal and requires you to login using your OUHSC username and password.

3. If you are not redirected to the Hardware Category in the IT Service Portal catalog, select Hardware in the left-hand menu.

4. Select the Computer Exception Request option.

5. The Computer Exception Request form provided key information needed to request an exception, including:
  • Criteria for exception priority
  • Instruction on uploading the desired computer specifications & costs, and
  • Guidance on the review process
6. Use the form to provide the required order information and click Order Now on the top-right corner of the page:
  • Intended user of the non-standard computer
  • Computer support team (i.e., Tier 1 group)
  • Intended computer business use: admin/office, clinical, research, or other
  • Business justification for the exception
  • Requested computer details
  • Chartfield account for billing, and
  • Delivery instructions 

7. You will be redirected to a Request status page where you can always see the status of the request as well as contact the fulfillment teams working to complete your request.

Exception requests must be approved at several levels. See HSC (OKC) Non-Standard Computer Request Approval Process for details. 


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