Non-Standard Computer Request Approval Process

Note: This approval process only applies to requests that originate through an OKC-based department; Tulsa-based OUHSC departments have a separate and distinct approval workflow.

Computer standardizing computers allows the University of Oklahoma to maximize the combined purchasing power of three campuses in negotiating the lowest possible rates on computers selected to meet the majority of user needs. Standardization results in cost savings by enabling OU reduce the cost of business, departmental, and IT processes; it increases the value of those purchases by ensuring that computers purchased are of the appropriate quality; it increases compatibility with other OU resources; and it simplifies the setup of computers, allowing IT to deliver computers configured with requested software, best practice configurations, and with only the resources needed by OU faculty and staff.

In the event, however, that a standard computer model will not work for a defined mission-related business case, a non-standard computer exception request process is available.

Once this exception has been submitted, it must receive approval from all of the following organizational levels:
  1. Departmental business manager (this approval is assumed by the provision of an appropriate chartfield in the exception request).
  2. If the funds are sponsored (Fund = SPNSR), this request must first be approved by Grants & Contracts Accounting.
  3. OUHSC Unit-Level Approver. For each major divisional unit at the OUHSC, this exception must be approved by the relevant named approver below (based on the Org unit provided in the chartfield):
    • College of Medicine: Anne Barnes, Sr Assoc Dean, Admin/Finance
    • College of Nursing: Laurie Price, Assoc Dean, for Finance and Admin
    • College of Pharmacy: Eric Johnson, Sr Assoc Dean, Admin/ Finance
    • College of Dentistry: Michael Ferguson, Sr Assoc Dean, Admin/ Finance
    • College of Public Health: Deanna Debus, Assoc Dean for Finance and Admin
    • College of Allied Health: Susanne Bernard, Assoc Dean for Finance and Admin
    • Graduate College: Dr. Gilian Air, Associate Dean
    • OU Physicians: Kevin Elledge, Chief Administrative Officer
    • HSC Research: Dr. James Tomasek, Vice President for Research
    • HSC Administration: Terry Henson, Assoc Vice President, Admin/Finance & CFO
    • HSC Provost: Dr. Marcia Bennett, Vice Provost for Health Sciences
  4. OU Information Technology. The OU System IT Business Office will provide final review of all exception requests. Additional information beyond the exception request form may be requested.
If approval is received by each approver, the exception request will be routed to the Information Technology Business Office for purchase and delivery to your IT support. If the request is not approved, the requestor will be notified automatically.


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