Shopping for a Dell Exception Request

How to Shop for a Dell Exception Request

Dell has provided a link for all users to shop for Exception Requests!

After clicking the above link, you will land on this page: 

Click the "Click Here" link and you'll be directed to this page: 

You can either click the “Shop” drop down on the upper left to see your choices, or you can click the category of computer system contained in the circle. 

The entire catalog is open for shopping but, to ensure priority and acceptance of your exception, it's best to follow the criteria provided on the Request:

  • Manufacturer is one of the standard computer vendors: Dell or Apple 
  • Computer is a Business-class device and not Consumer-class device (i.e. XPS, Inspiron)
  • The computer will successfully utilize all university-defined security requirements
  • The expected life of the device is at least 3 years 
  • The computer has been reviewed by departmental technical support (i.e., “Tier 1”)

Select the model you are requesting per the requirements above and then proceed through choosing the options you prefer.  When you are finished configuring your computer exception, you must complete all the steps resulting in an official “eQuote” and attach it as a PDF to your request (screenshots, .JPG’s, etc. are automatically rejected). If your request is accepted, this exact eQuote is used to complete your transaction, therefore it is imperative you configure the system exactly as you want it.


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