Avaya One-X Communicator softphone installation instructions

Before you install the Avaya One-X Communicator software, your extension will need to be configured to use the softphone (submit a request to the IT Service Desk). There is a $25.00 one time charge associated with the service.  Also, if you plan on using this application off campus, you will need to be connected to the secure portal (connect.ouhsc.edu) and have elevated vpn access (VPN-GROUP-2).  You will need to make this request through your computer suport person (tier1).

**Once your extension is configured to use the softphone your Auto In button/light will no longer light up/show on your desk phone or in the softphone software**

** If using a Mac, you will need to utilize Boot Camp in your Windows Environment**

  1. You will first need to install vcredist x86. Click Run. 
  2. Click Yes. 
  3. You are now ready to install the Avaya One-X Communicator software. Click Run. 
  4. Select English as the Language. Click Next. 
  5. Choose I accept the terms in the license agreement and Click Next. 
  6. Click Next. 
  7. Click Install. 
  8. Telephony Setup should be selected Click Next
    • NOTE: if you had a previous version of the Avaya softphone software installed or had to reinstall this version once the installation is complete the login box will appear NOT the setup box.  If this occurs you will need to Click the round settings tab in the upper right hand corner and select Settings.  Click H.323 and click OK at the bottom and close the program by clicking exit.  You will then re-open the program and go back into Settings.  Proceed to Step 10. 
  9. Choose H.323 and Click Next
  10. In the Telephony Setup, enter the following:
    • Extension: your OUHSC 5-digit phone extension
    • Password: 68472 (Numeric translation of OUHSC) - Note: This is NOT your voicemail password
    • Click Add to enter server name 
  11. Enter clan1 and Click OK. 
  12. Click Next. 
  13. Click Next. 
  14. Choose This Computer Click Next. 
  15. Enable Emergency Call Handling Features should be selected. Choose Your extension number Click Next. 
  16. Click Finish. 
    • Now that you have the software installed you will need to select your Audio settings
  17. Open Avaya one-X Communicator Click Settings at the top of the Login box. 
  18. In the Audio section, to configure your headset; plug your headset into your computer and choose your Microphone and Speaker settings (this will depend on the type of headset being used) *Note: A higher-end microphone works better. We have had some complaints about background noise with the lower-end microphones. 
  19. After you configure your Audio settings Click OK. 

To use the Avaya software from home, you will need to login to the secure portal and have elevated vpn group 2 access.
Your computer support (tier1) would need to submit the request for this access if you do not already have access to this level.

  1. After ensuring you have the required elevated vpn access, go to connect.ouhsc.edu and log in using your OUHSC account credentials. 
  2. In the Client Application Sessions, click Start to establish a network connection. 
  3. After confirming a secured connection has been established (gold lock in system tray), start Avaya one-X and Click Log On and Yes on the Existing Login Detection message. 
  4. If you are using call center functionality, you will need to select Login and enter your Agent ID/Password.  Otherwise, you can start making calls by selecting the phone icon to get a dial tone. 
  5. When you are finished using Avaya one-X, it is important that you Log Off. ***Note: If you fail to Log Off, you will not be able to utilize your phone extension in your office because the session will still be active. 
  6. Once you have Logged Off, Click Exit to close Avaya one-X Communicator. 


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