How to edit views in Web Part pages in SharePoint (Team Collaboration)

In SharePoint 2007, whenever you were on a List View page (or added a List View Web Part), you always got (or could easily enable) a nice out-of-box View selector drop-down in the List tool bar:


Switching views was simply a one-click affair. In 2010, this is often no longer the case: you don't get an easy one-click view selector as soon as you add a second Web Part to the out-of-box View page, and you also don't get one when re-using the list as a Web Part on other pages. Instead you'll need to do the following:
  • Click inside the List View and at the top you should now see List Tools ribbon group with the List ribbon tab.
  • Click the List ribbon tab.
  • From the Current View drop-down selector, select the new view (in the Manage Views ribbon section).



TIP: Custom List with default view only

Don't add a Web Part to your Custom List default page view! Once a Web Part is added to a List View, you can no longer see the List Tools tab and the only way to get them back is to delete the Web Part you added to the page. It is recommended to create a new view and add a Web Part on this view - so you can still edit your list easily using the default view.

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