Welcome to MySite!

SharePoint provides a MySite for users.  The limit is 2 GB per user.  The policy regarding a user going beyond this soft limits is a case by case determination of that user's needs.

MySite is a personal site where users can create:

  • Their own unique profile that includes your picture, skills and interests
  • Manage personal documents that can be shared or private and
  • Create additional subsites such as a Sandbox-type which is a good way to learn how to use SharePoint before you introduce it in your department or team.


To Access your MySite Page 

  • Login to any SharePoint site
  • Click on your name at the top right of the page and select MySite.
  • You will be prompted to log in again using your username and password - this is considered a separate site from a team site.

My Profile

On your profile page, you can add/edit information about yourself, describe your skills and areas of expertise, upload a personal photo, specify work relationships and leave notes on your NoteBoard.


To Access your Profile 

  • On MySite landing page, Click My Profile
  • Click on the Edit My Profile link underneath your profile picture
  • Once you are finished, click on Save and Close at the top left of the screen to save your changes.


Using MySite Collaborative Features

  • My Colleagues and My Org Chart:  The colleague tracker will show you suggested colleagues, based on your SharePoint and Active Directory profiles. You can edit this list, adding in people the system may not be aware of. This list can be thought of as a simple directory of people you either work with, or should.
  • My Profile: My profile is fairly self explanatory, but very important. Here you can fill out a range of information about yourself.  The more you fill out the better. This is all about providing information so people can find you. It is all very well you finding people to work with, but you yourself have to be ‘findable’. ‘My Interests’ and ‘My Profile’ will both help with this.
  • The NoteBoard: The Noteboard can be thought of as a ‘Facebook wall lite’. It is a place where other users can easily post short messages addressed to you, but are viewable to everyone else. Perfect for short conversations, or multiple people, the noteboard is where collaboration can really begin.
  • Recent Activities: This area of your MySite profile page will show everything you have been up to recently on this SharePoint implementation. From updating your contact information, to writing on noteboards and adding documents, this is a great place to let other users keep up to date with your SharePoint movements


My Content - Personal Document Libraries

SharePoint sets up 2 default document libraries for each user:

  • The Personal Documents library is used to store documents that are viewable only to you.
  • The Shared Documents library is used to store documents that are publicly viewed.


To Access your Personal Document Libraries

  • Click on the My Content Link at the top of the MySite Landing Page.


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