How do I set permissions in SharePoint 2010 (Team Collaboration)?

If you have the correct permissions, you can create groups, add users to groups, and set / edit permissions.

NOTE: Always assign permission in groups:

  • Create a group 
  • Give the group permissions
  • Add users to groups

Creating a group

  • Select the Site Actions pull down menu in the upper left hand corner and select Site Permissions

Creating a group

(If your site is Inheriting Permissions from it's parent site, you must click on the 'Stop Inheritance' Button first before you can create a group).

  • Click Create Group.
    • Name: A name meaningful to you.
    • About Me: Give a description for the group. 
    • Fill in more options as needed.
    • Choose the premission level: We recommend site members have Contribute permissions. Since this is a unique group, assign permissions as you need for the type of work they'll be doing.
  • Click Create

Creating a group.

Adding users to a group 

After you create a new group, you can:

  • New: Add users.
  • Actions: Email or Remove users.
  • Settings: Manage Settings, View Group Permissions, Make Default Group.


Adding users to an existing group

 If you have permissions: Select the Site Actions pull down menu and click on Site Permissions.

  • Click on the Grant Permissions Icon.
  • Select Users: Lookup the person you want to add to the group.
  • Grant Permissions: Choose one of the groups in your site.
  • You can choose to send the person an email and a message explaining the group, the goals, etc. (The email comes from Sharepoint Admin and not you, so that may confuse someone. The message helps explain that.)
  • Click OK

Granting permissions.


Edit user permission or change permissions to a group

  • Select the Site Actions pull down menu and click on Site Permissions
  • Check the box next to the group whose permissions you want to change.
  • Click on Edit User Permissions Icon.

Granting permissions.


  • You now see the list of permission types that you can choose from to change the group permissions.
  • Select one and click OK.


Granting permissions.

NOTE: If an administrator changes the setting for a site from unique to inheriting permissions, the current permissions will be eliminated and the permissions from the parent will replace the existing permissions. This could cause an administrator to lose their ability to edit and manage the site until permissions are restored.


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