How can I restore or recover deleted items in SharePoint (Team Collaboration)?

When a user deletes an item it goes into the recycle bin. After 30 days, the item gets deleted from the recycle bin and goes into the second stage recycle bin. Any user can use the end user recycle bin to recover items that are up to 30 days old. The link to the recycle bin is found in the left navigation pane.

To recover an item  

Click on the Recycle Bin on the left navigation pane, find the item(s) in the list, click on the checkbox next to the item(s), and then click on Restore Selection on the command bar above the list. (Site Collection Administrators (SCA) will have a link in the command bar to the “Site Collection Recycle Bin.”)

However, clicking on the link takes the Site Collection Administrator to end user recycle bin items. In the left column, there is an option to select items deleted from the end user Recycle Bin. (Jack read and demo or read my attempt below)

The Site Collection Recycle Bin allows the site administrator to recover items that are found in the end user recycle bin and items that have already been deleted from the end user recycle bin.  The two links are found in the left navigation.

Items stay in the second stage bin until the bin reaches a quota level set by the administrator.


Versioning History 

If versioning history is turned on, it is possible that a previous version is available.

The alternative to the recycle bin is to recover from a backup.

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