How can I recover documents in SharePoint (Team Collaboration)?

If you delete a document, it could be in the recycle bin.

If you replace a document and have history turned on, you can always revert to a previous version.

If you do not have document history turned on, and save a copy of a document that has unwanted changes, you will need to request a restore.

  • Check the recycle bin (This can be found in the left navigation, near the bottom of the list). Items deleted stay there for 30 days.
  • Submit a request for restoration of the document:
    • Open a ticket with the url of the library or list, and be as specific as possible (all documents in the example folder of Shared Documents under the site
    • Please specify a date from which to do the restore - this may not be an issue unless you want an earlier version to replace what is currently in SharePoint.

The Site Collection Administrator has another 45 days to restore items from the recycle bin.

We do not keep backups beyond 30 days.


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Mon 5/3/21 3:06 PM