Can the Team Collaboration Service be accessed from a mobile device?

The Team Collaboration Service uses SharePoint as the tool for accessing the service. SharePoint can be used from a mobile device. However, some things need to be considered - authentication, external access, VPN, and security.



SharePoint supports multiple authentication methods and authentication modes. Not all mobile browsers and devices work with all the available authentication methods. When you plan for mobile device access, you must:

  • Determine the mobile devices that you must support. Then, learn the authentication methods that are supported by the mobile devices. This information varies by manufacturer.
  • Determine the sites that you want to make available to your mobile device users.
  • Determine whether you want to make SharePoint sites accessible for mobile devices when the devices are used outside the corporate firewall. If you do, the method that you use to enable external access can also affect mobile device authentication.

Consider the tradeoffs between selecting an authentication method that is supported by most mobile devices, implementing multiple authentication methods in your web application, or deciding to support only a few mobile devices.

External access

Mobile device users can access a SharePoint site either by using a mobile browser or by using a rich client application such as Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010. This section summarizes how to make SharePoint sites accessible for mobile devices when the devices are used outside the corporate firewall. There are three methods for enabling external access:


Virtual private network server. A virtual private network (VPN) server that supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) enables you to publish SharePoint sites across the corporate firewall. The following steps summarize how to make a SharePoint site accessible from outside the corporate firewall when you use a VPN server:

  • Set up the VPN server.
  • Publish the SharePoint site on the VPN server.
  • Configure an alternate access mapping for the SharePoint site.
  • Add the SharePoint site to a zone that allows cross-firewall access.


Security considerations

This section discusses security considerations for mobile devices.

Mobile devices can contain sensitive data or documents. Because mobile devices can be lost or stolen, we recommend that you set policies around mobile devices to help protect sensitive data and documents. This can include securing the mobile device by using a PIN or lock, and ensuring that you can remotely wipe the data on the mobile device. Available programs and features vary by mobile device.

You can educate users about how they can help protect their user credentials. This can include signing out of sites when they are done, not enabling any option that keeps them signed in or remembers their password, and frequently deleting cookies in the mobile browser. This can help prevent others from using their user credentials to log on to a SharePoint site if their mobile device is lost or stolen.

We recommend that you enable SSL to secure communication between mobile browsers and SharePoint.



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