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OU Information Technology provides a variety of technology practice spaces and traditional computer lab environments to further enhance the campus experience for students, faculty, and staff. With over 700 managed computer workstations and more than 60 public printers across campus, the OU community has multiple options to choose from.

Locations like the recently launched Couch Practice Center offer both individual and group study environments, opportunities to collaborate, pervasive device charging options, and the latest display technology. Students are encouraged to use the computer workstations provided or bring their own devices and technology. Events and programming provide scheduled and unstructured opportunities for students to explore new concepts and gain experience through hands-on application of ideas.

More traditional computer lab spaces offer high-powered desktop workstations for longer sessions of creative production using specialized licensed software specific to each discipline and academic area of focus.


OU IT provides this service for FREE to all Norman campus faculty, staff, and students.

If printing is required, OU IT will require a departmental billing account in order to charge customer for any printing performed by event participants.

If OU IT staffing is required to support the event, an hourly rate of $11.00 per student support staff will be charged upon the completion of the scheduled event.


These spaces are available to:

  • student organizations
  • academic departments
  • campus administrative units
  • external groups

Requests are subject to approval by OU IT, and are contingent on existing schedule of availability at the time of the request.

Spaces are not closed during scheduled events. Note that OU IT learning spaces are funded by student tuition and fees, and therefore students are provided with access to these spaces at all times, even during events.


OU IT learning spaces provide an engaging, up to date environment where event participants can interact, connect, collaborate, and use technology to support learning.

All campus technology practice spaces offer access to computer hardware, software, and printers, and many offer display and audio / video capabilities.

Temporary user credentials can be requested for non-OU participants for the duration of the event if needed.

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