Cybersecurity Training

The CSX (Cybersecurity) Training, Education, & Awareness (TEA) program is available for all OU employees and students. TEA engages users to focus attention on security best practices and to help end users understand human hacking, security risks, policies, compliance, mitigation strategies, and data protection.


There are no associated costs for Zoom presentations or in-person training (once normal campus operations are resumed).

There may be additional costs if KnowBe4 licenses need to be purchased. Please contact us to verify if your campus has already purchased a license. You can also log in to check your account. If a license hasn’t been purchased yet, we have already reached the enterprise discount threshold.


Zoom presentations, or in-person training once normal operations resume, such as new employee orientation and community events.

Online phishing assessments, policy acceptance, and interactive learning modules are available for all employees and students who currently have a KnowBe4 license.

Sooner Secure is also available to students as a free Cybersecurity Awareness course on Canvas. The course was developed by students working in Information Technology. Students are not automatically enrolled in this course.


  • Interactive online security training for employees and students can be found on the KnowBe4 website, Users may need to log in to two separate screens with either their OU or OUHSC account. If you wish to assign online training to your department, please contact us for the appropriate content and supervisor settings.
  • Custom learning content includes compliance topics such as FERPA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, PHI, PII, and popular topics like phishing, ransomware, password management, and CEO Fraud. In addition to specialty topics including occupational safety, personal security, and physical security.
  • Custom phishing assessments can be performed for your department to conduct internal phishing campaigns. Phishing assessment campaigns are partnerships between OU IT Security and your department. The purpose for phishing internal users is to increase user awareness by supplementing security training. Please submit a ticket to discuss phishing assessment campaigns for your department.
  • Track policy and handbook acceptance that allows distribution and tracking of policy acknowledgements and agreements required of your employees as part of your compliance program.
  • Zoom training is available for general security training or specific security topics if requested. This service can be provided to a class, department, organization, or group across campus for students, faculty, and/or staff. In-person training will be available once normal operations resume. Please submit a ticket to request training.
  • Multiple languages are available for some learning modules in KnowBe4.

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