Security Cameras

OU Information Technology provides design, installation, and maintenance of network security cameras for all campus departments. Video from these cameras is stored for 15 days and may be viewed by authorized employees of the subscribing department as well as OUPD.


Installation requires a one-time cost incurred by the requesting department and depends on camera type and installation environment. For installed cameras, recurring annual costs will be billed to the department to cover central administration, maintenance, and video storage.

Customized, detail cost quotes will be provided on a case by case basis for each specific system configuration.


Cameras can only be installed in authorized locations and where there is appropriate connectivity to the campus network. Access to cameras is limited to authorized employees of the subscribing campus departments.


  • Remote viewing of live and stored video by authorized users.
  • Centralized storage of recorded video.
  • Standard 15 day retention of stored video.
  • OUPD access to live and stored video.

Security Camera Access 

To request access to view security camera video for a campus department, the following prerequisites are required before a request will be authorized by OUPD. Please note that OUPD may take up to 5 business days to approve security camera access requests. Failure to complete the prerequisites will result in a delay in processing.

  1. Carefully read and sign the Security Surveillance Camera Guidelines.
  2. Complete the Security System Operator online training and quiz.
  3. Complete and submit the request access form by clicking the Request Service button then selecting the Request Access option.


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