Mediasite Video Platform

Mediasite is the primary video platform used in the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences programs at the OKC and Tulsa campuses.


This service allows both scheduled in-room lecture capture for Mediasite RL Recorder-equipped venues and user-generated content uploads for both faculty and staff. The recordings are stored as rich-media presentations, and uploaded to our Mediasite Video Cloud. Distribution is handled through Mediasite Channels that aggregate links to groups of content, usually hosted on an LMS like Canvas or Brightspace by D2L. Individual links can also be singularly distributed via email or posting a URL online.


This is no cost associated with this service


Mediasite is generally available to all HSC students, faculty, and staff. Mediasite class recordings are distributed via Mediasite Channels, which are in turn distributed internally by each college/department, either via Learning Management System or via a static web link.

MyMediasite is the portal to upload user-generated video content to the Mediasite Video Cloud. This content may consist of desktop video captures, Mediasite Desktop Recorder captures, Zoom recordings, or phone-captured videos. MyMediasite functionality is only available to all faculty and selected staff and can be accessed at


Scheduled Lecture Capture

Mediasite RL recorders can automatically record both instructor video and desktop content into a single presentation that can be viewed across any modern browser.


User and Media Analytics

Mediasite Analytics can deliver viewing statistics, based on individual presentations, groups of content, or individual users


Simple User-Generated Content Creation

Faculty and Staff can upload videos using their MyMediasite portal, and can create their own videos using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder. Users can publish to their own Mediasite Channels or post links to content/Channels to LMS.


LTI-Integration with D2L Brightspace & Canvas

Full integration with LMS. Faculty can login once to Brightspace and create their Mediasite content within Brightspace & Canvas


Cloud-hosting of content for consistent availability

Mediasite Video Cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services and features full content distribution network support for the widest reach for regional, national and international viewing.


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