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A static IP address provided through OU IT may be necessary for legacy printing (such as CICS printers) and off-campus access (of servers, for instance). Dynamic addressing via DHCP should be attempted before requesting a static IP address.

A static IP address will prevent the device using it from changing IP addresses each time it connects. This type of IP address is called a dynamic IP address, and is the standard method of assigning IP addresses.

If you need to request a DNS (Domain Name System) entry for a system, please visit the URL Request form.


OU IT provides this service for FREE to all Norman campus faculty, staff, and students.


To request this service, you must be on the OU network.

This service is available to campus departments, colleges, or units. If a student employee is filling out the request, they must provide the email address of a full-time department employee in the request. As DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is standard OU policy, static IPs are only allowed in cases where dynamic addressing will not suffice.


Static IP addresses are to be used only if dynamic addressing is unable to provide you with what you need. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is the standard policy for OU. Static IP addresses are typically only used for off-campus access or legacy printing needs (CICS printers) as they are assigned outside the DHCP range. The majority of modern printers can use DHCP or BOOTP to obtain an address; therefore, a static IP is not necessary for these devices.

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