IT Asset Disposal

The OU IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) program is a centralized service designated to securely remove data from used computing assets according to University Policy and dispose of used technology in an environmentally friendly manner.

Important information for Summer scheduling:
Summer pickups will happen before 11 am in order to avoid heat exposure for our team. This may result in a 2-3 week wait for pickup once your ticket is approved.

Instructions on submitting an IT Asset Disposal request.

The ITAD Excel form is located in the bottom right of this page in the attachments section.

Important tips:

  • Accumulate at least 10 data-bearing items (computers, phones, tablets, etc.) before submitting a pickup request.
  • You must use the ITAD Form provided in this request, with as much information as possible, or your request will be rejected. 
  • The ITAD Form must be typed.  Handwritten forms will be rejected. 
  • Work with your IT Mission Support or departmental technology person when disposing of all University assets.
  • Include a picture(s) of the items in your request! This will help our team schedule and execute each pickup efficiently.
  • Have the assets staged, organized, and ready for pickup on the 1st floor if possible. 
  • If you have multiple serialized, smaller, data-bearing devices (cell phones, iPads, etc.), put them in a taped/sealed box for ease of pickup.



The cost of this service is determined by the delivery method used to acquire the items.  The most efficient and effective method will be chosen, on a case-by-case basis, and communicated by our Asset Disposal team. 


 IT Asset Disposal pickups are scheduled at least 5 days in advance. Only items present on the ITAD Form will be picked up on the scheduled date.

OU Health Science campus offers many options1 for delivering equipment to our secure storage facility.

• Self-scheduled delivery: Let us know when you can bring the equipment to us!
• OU-IT Pickup: The asset disposal team will coordinate with your department to retrieve equipment from your building.
• ITAD Vendor Direct: The asset disposal team will send our ITAD vendor directly to your building. This is typically for larger pickup requests.
• Moving Services: In certain cases, the Asset Disposal Team may suggest your department involve Moving Services to assist delivering equipment to our secure storage facility.

1 The most efficient method will be determined on a case-by-case basis after a review of the equipment in your request.


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