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OU Create, a project managed by the University of Oklahoma’s Office of Digital Learning, offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to build and maintain a digital identity by facilitating both the registration of web domains (.com, .org, .net) or subdomain and easy installation of popular open-source applications such as WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, and Omeka.

In providing users with access to these tools, Create aims to empower all members of the OU community to craft and control their digital narrative through the use of blogs, portfolios, wikis, and more.


To sign up for a create.ou.edu domain, you can choose your domain name through the site during the signup process. You may choose a free subdomain of oucreate.com or purchase a domain through Reclaim Hosting at a cost of $12/year. If you already own a domain you can choose to point it to the create.ou.edu server.


Create.ou.edu is available for all current OU faculty, staff and students.


What Can You Do with Your Create OU Account?

  • Store, host, and serve files including web files such as HTML, JS, CSS, and PHP.
  • Install web based applications on your site including WordPress, Mediawiki, ZenPhoto and OwnCloud.
  • Create email address (or several) of your own. Addresses can be linked to complete inboxes (which you can then access through a web mail client or by setting up another email client) or they can just be forwarding addresses which you point to an existing email you already have.

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