Additional Telecom Services

Use this form to inquire about additional telecommunication/network services available that assist in OUHSC daily work functions.


No cost associated with inquiries – a quote of service charges will be supplied after review.


 OUHSC staff and Affiliates.


  • Group Page - $5.00 monthly recurring charge 
  • Overhead paging - $5.00 monthly recurring charge 
  • Intercom group: No Charge
  • Pickup group: No Charge
  • Revise Caller ID  for outgoing calls on 271 -XXXXX $11.00 per month monthly recurring charge (There is no charge to change the call party number on extensions to show 271-XXXX which is controlled by us)
  • Disconnect charge: $10.00 one time charge per extension
  • FMM (follow me mobility) one time charge $25.00
  • ITBULK (recording) $40.00 one time charge per user
  • ITBULK (recording) $30.00 monthly recurring charge per user
  • IT EXEC (recording) $40.00 one time charge per user
  • IT EXEC (recording) $25.56 monthly recurring charge per user
  • MOH (music on hold): $40.00 monthly recurring charge on the main number (Submit each extension in that department for processing)


  • Review telecommunication/network service/programming available
  • Include main department name and phone number

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