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Shared Services File Storage service offers a secure, state-of-the-art clustered storage system for your team’s or department’s unstructured data and files (e.g., MS Office files, video, images, PDFs, archives, etc.), similar to typical Windows or Linux file shares. This is the storage commonly seen on servers like Norfile, Okcfile, Tulfile (also known as isi-nor, isi-okc, isi-tul).

This service features a robust file-system utilizing high-speed networking for faster access and enables your team or department to store and access files from on or off campus (with VPN) using Windows, macOS, or Unix/Linux operating systems. By integrating seamlessly with your operating system, File Storage lets you view files in mapped folders that behave exactly like typical folders on your desktop. 

Additionally, you can manage permissions for file access through Active Directory groups or for individuals at the folder/directory level.  You can purchase space in increments of 1 GB; however, our Shared Services infrastructure can also accommodate large-scale storage needs (multiple-terabytes). 

All storage you purchase will benefit from Storage SnapShot backup technology, allowing the customer and/or their users to see and restore their own data and files if they wish (up to 2 weeks) and is calculated as a part of your regular storage consumption. In addition to the high-speed storage and integrated SnapShot backups available in the base offering, we offer a geo-redundancy option which will sync copies of your data between multiple data centers. If you require such redundancy, you can also select replication across multiple data centers at an additional cost. Further, the Shared Services Enterprise Backup service can also be used (at an additional cost) for data backup and retrieval purposes of your data and files, and may be necessary based on your compliance requirements.



Initial set up is free. Monthly charges are calculated based on actual consumption during the billing period.

OU Departments and Employees: $0.08/GB ($0.16/GB Replicated) per month

OU Affiliates: $0.09/GB ($0.18/GB Replicated) per month

* OU Affiliates must pay for utility costs, while central University funding covers utility costs for OU Departments.


OU faculty, staff, departments and groups

OU students and student groups with departmental sponsorship

OU affiliates


  • 24x7 Availability monitoring
  • Daily SnapShot with 2 week retention (adjustable)
  • Initial set-up (includes granting access to named ServiceAdmin)
  • Regular Hardware Refresh Cycle
  • Sensitive data storage with OU IT security consultation
  • Storage billed on usage/consumption rather than blocks
  • Support from local Service Desk and OU IT Shared Services staff

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