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Shared Services File Storage service offers a secure, state-of-the-art clustered storage system for your team’s or department’s unstructured data and files (e.g. MS Office files, video, images, PDFs, archives, etc.), similar to typical Windows or Linux file shares.

This service features a robust file-system utilizing high-speed networking for faster access and enables your team or department to store and access files from on or off campus (with VPN) using Windows, Mac OSX, or Unix/Linux operating systems. By integrating seamlessly with your operating system, File Storage lets you view files in mapped folders that behave exactly like typical folders on your desktop. 


There are no costs associated with this service.


Access to OU-Tulsa file shares is available to OU faculty, staff, departments and groups; OU students and student groups with department sponsorship; OU affiliates.


  • 24 x 7 Availability monitoring
  • Regular Hardware Refresh Cycle
  • Sensitive data storage with OU IT security consultation
  • Storage billed on usage/consumption rather than blocks
  • Support from local Service Desk and OU IT Shared Services staff

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