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We want you to be the first to know when school is closed or there is an emergency on campus.

Please visit the Emergency Alert Information page at account.ou.edu to review and update all of your emergency contact information. To receive text messages, OU’s primary mode of emergency communications delivery, your mobile number must be in the mobile phone field. If you wish to stop receiving messages, you may update your settings at the account.ou.edu page or respond back to an alert with STOP.

OU Alert emergency text messages will come from one of the following numbers, 672-83 or 226-787. We recommend you add both numbers to your contact list in your mobile phone and name the contact OU Alert. When an emergency text is delivered to you, it will appear as a text message from OU Alert rather than a random number (i.e. 672-83). This allows you to recognize the text as an emergency message from OU and not a spam or junk text message.

In addition to Rave, OU also offers Alertus. Alertus is OU’s newest OU Alert tool for all-campus emergency notifications. In case of an emergency that warrants an OU Alert be sent to the campus community, Alertus will automatically flash a message on users’ screens, warning the campus community of imminent danger, such as a tornado warning. The user must be logged onto an OU server via a WIFI or Ethernet connection to receive the desktop notification.


OU IT provides this service for FREE to all Norman campus faculty, staff, and students.


The OU Emergency Alert System is available to all campus faculty, staff, and enrolled students.

Users are automatically enrolled through their account settings on account.ou.edu. Updates and changes to your alert settings can also be made through the account page.

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