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Integrated Robust Assured Data Services (IRADS) is a program of The University of Oklahoma developed as a top-tier provider of data for government operations and commerce growth. Specifically, IRADS exploits university-only high capacity networking and adds 24/7 monitoring and “industrial-strength” data source reliability. IRADS also serves as a focal point to provide advocacy on behalf of all commerce interests for policy and processes to assure a robust, reliable supply of government data. Consequently, IRADS fills a unique role as a buffer between government supply and industry demand for data. The university uniquely grows information-based commerce via IRADS by developing and aggregating valued data sources and hosting application servers whilst connecting the government and industry clients to research and intellectual property needed for next-generation products and services.


IRADS provides low-latency, streaming WSR-88D (NEXRAD) Level II (base) data from all radars provided by the National Weather Service, free of charge, to academic users, and for the cost of provision to Federal government and private sector users. The service levels and associated cost rates are shown below.

NOTE: IRADS is a cost-recovery-only operation, and thus the cost per customer will drop as the customer base grows beyond the “break-even” cost point.

For pricing information, please visit the following site:


IRADS is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.


Integrated Robust Assured Data Services (IRADS) makes top-tier radar data from the National Weather Center available to government and corporate clients. It includes:

  • NEXRAD Level II data from radars made available by the NWS.
  • NEXRAD Level III data products via NOAAPort.
  • TDWR data products via NOAAPort.
  • Other NOAAPort data sets.
  • Canadian Radar data in IRIS format, via Environment Canada.
  • Web-based user portal to the complete IRADS environment.
  • Real time monitoring system (data latencies, flows, radar status information).
  • User productivity tools (visualization, data decoding software).
  • User documentation.
  • Toll-free hotline staffed 24×7 with human troubleshooters.

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