Employee/Student Termination

The Employee/Student Termination service allows departments to submit a request to remove IT access for an employee. By default, all file share and remote (VPN) access will be removed. If the employee is listed as having a telephone assigned, this assignment will also be removed.

Unless otherwise directed from OU Legal, all data from the employee's personal U-drive will be deleted as well as all voicemail messages (if applicable).


OU-Tulsa IT provides this service at no cost.


This service is available to all faculty and staff located on the Tulsa campus.


  • Employee access will be removed from all file shares.
  • Employee U-drive data will be deleted1.
  • Employee remote (VPN) access will be removed.
  • Employee telephone assignment will be removed2 and voicemail messages deleted1.

1. data will not be deleted if we are contacted by OU Legal.
2. only applicable to employee's with an assigned telephone.

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