Employee Transfer/Role Change

The Employee/Student Transfer/Role Change service allows departments to submit a request to modify IT access on behalf of an employee transferring departments and/or changing roles. If the employee does not already have one, they will be given a network file share (U:\) to store all University data. Access to voice services (e.g., telephone and voicemail), as well as remote access to clinical information systems, may be requested/removed using the same form.


OU-Tulsa IT provides this service at no cost. However, if the employee requires a new phone, the department will be billed $150 for the phone, and a $25/month recurring charge.


This service is available to all faculty and staff located on the Tulsa campus.


  • Personal file share (U:\) to store all University data.
  • Voice services, such as provisioning/removing a phone and voicemail.
  • Add/remove remote access to clinical information systems.

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