Using Duo to Authenticate

Before Using Duo

Using Duo

  • Navigate to the website or service that you wish to use.
  • After logging in as you normally would, you will be prompted to choose an authentication method.


  • To switch to Push, navigate to and sign in. Next authenticate using your current Duo method. Finally in the "When I log in" drop menu, you may select to always send a push.
  • You will receive a push notification to your mobile device.
  • You can Approve or Deny the request.
  • Select Approve.

Call Me

  • You will receive a phone call to the default device that you have registered.
  • The automated voice will tell you to ignore the phone call if you did not request it, but to press any key on the phone if you did.
  • Press any key to approve the authentication request.

Enter a Passcode

  • Open the Duo Mobile app and enter the 6-digit code. Then click Log In.
  • Alternatively, you may request a list of codes to be texted to you. These are one-time use codes. Save these codes in a secure place.
  • Passcodes may be generated and used even when the device is in airplane mode.

YubiKey (USB Security Key)

  • If you have a YubiKey enrolled and see a message saying you can use your security key, plug it into the computer and touch the gold area of the YubiKey OR touch it to your phone where the NFC sensor is located.
  • The exact message regarding the security key may vary depending on the platform or device.

Duo Setup After Phone Change

  • If you have received a new device or phone number, please refer to this article for instructions.

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