Duo Multi-Factor Authentication Setup

What is Two-Factor Authentication?
Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your online accounts. Verifying your identity using a second factor (like your phone or other mobile device) prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your password.

How It Works
Once you’ve enrolled in Duo you’re ready to go: You’ll login as usual with your username and password, and then use your device to verify that it’s you.

You can use your mobile phone, landline, tablet, or USB security device. Duo lets you link multiple devices to your account, so you can use your mobile phone and a landline, a landline and an iPad, two different mobile devices, etc. You can receive your verification code via SMS, voice call, one-time passcode, the Duo Mobile smartphone app, and so on.

Using Duo MFA

Step 1: Download and Install Duo Mobile

Please Note – fake versions of the Duo Mobile app have been reported. The legitimate version of the app is called “Duo Mobile” and is published by “Duo Security, Inc.” It is free to download.

Duo App store entry


If you are concerned about downloading the real version of the app, use the links above to download the app. Links can also be found on Duo’s official website. Scroll down to “Download Duo Mobile” for the links.


Step 2: Enroll in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

  • ​To begin the enrollment process, navigate to Duo MFA Enrollment.
  • Login with your OUNetID and password. Choose Start setup to continue.
  • Please note: the following instructions use an Android smartphone as an example. Selecting other devices should offer similar prompts.

OU Duo Greeting Message

  • Choose the type of device to add and continue. Mobile phone is recommended, but other device types are supported and may be necessary for certain situations.

Device Options:

  • Mobile phone – follow the steps below
  • Tablet – Skip the next step then continue with these instructions
  • Landline – follow below
  • Security Key – for information about using a security key, see this article
  • Touch ID – You can authenticate using Touch ID on supported Mac devices using the Google Chrome browser.

Additional Option:

  • To add a smartphone using the Duo Mobile app only, choose the Tablet option.
  • The app can be used on WiFi only or with a data connection.

Duo device type prompt

  • Enter the phone number in the format shown and select Continue.

Duo phone entry field

  • You will be asked to choose a type of phone.
  • Please note: if you do not wish to install Duo Mobile, select Other (and cell phones).

Duo phone type entry field

  • You will be instructed to Install Duo Mobile for whichever type of phone you selected in the previous prompt. Once it is installed, select I have Duo Mobile installed.

Duo Android install prompt

  • Activate Duo Mobile for your phone. There are two ways to do this:
    • Scan the barcode from within the Duo Mobile app by tapping the “+” button.
    • Have an activation link emailed. Please note: the following instructions use this method as an example.

Duo activation screen

  • Enter an email address that you can access on the device being enrolled.
  • This does not have to be your OU email.

Duo Activate by Email Screen

  • Find the email and click the link.
  • Open the link with Duo Mobile if you are asked to make a choice.

Duo Activation Email

  • Once you have been enrolled, you will see an “Enrollment Successful!” message.
  • Click Dismiss in order to see all of your enrolled devices.

Enrollment message screen

  • From My Settings & Devices, you can:
    • Add additional devices and select a default device
    • Re-name or re-activate devices under Device Options
    • Set preferences on the authentication method when you log in (e.g. receive a phone call or push, or be asked to choose a method)
  • My Settings & Devices can be accessed by going to ou.edu/duo

Duo settings screen
Step 3: Verify your Enrollment

  • Verify your enrollment by going to ou.edu/duo, signing in with your OUNetID and password, and then choosing an authentication method to approve the login request. If successful, you should be at the My Settings & Devices page.

Duo authentication method options

  • For more details about using Duo to authenticate login requests once your device has been enrolled, visit this article.

Support for Duo MFA

  • Support is also available by contacting the Service Desk at 325-HELP or needhelp.ou.edu.


Recommended Practices for Using Duo MFA

  • When possible, use the Duo Push authentication method. Set the Push as the default option in the Duo settings.
  • Adding a second device is highly recommended in the event you are without your primary device.
  • Some smart devices can accept the notification from the lock screen by using force touch.
  • Desktop clients typically require re-authentication less frequently than web applications. When using the web application, you will have the option to choose “Remember me for 8 hours.” After the 8 hours, you will be required to use Duo again when accessing the applications on the web.
  • If Duo keeps prompting for login after authenticating. Try the following:
    • Close the prompt for authentication.
    • Close the application and open it again.
  • If you change your cell phone, but keep the number, use the ‘Call Me’ or ‘Enter a Passcode’ options to reactivate your phone.
  • If you change your cell phone, and change the number, use the second device you registered to authenticate, login and add the new device.
  • If you have an international phone number, or an older mobile phone which is not supported by Duo, you may wish to sign up for a Google Voice number. Through the Google Voice app, one can get a designated phone number that can be added as a "landline" which can be called for Duo activations.
  • Adding your cell phone number as a "landline", will also work if you have a U.S./Canada mobile number that does not support the Duo app.


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