Avaya 9611G Speed Dial Setup Instructions

To set up a speed dial (SD):

  1. Press the Down Arrow button on the main screen until you see “Abr Program”.
  2. Press the “Abr Program” button.
  3. Press the Down Arrow button until you see the button you want to select to assign to the speed dial. Press that button when it appears.
  4. Using the number pad enter the digits you want in that SD. Note that you must start it with 8 or 9 for an off campus number.
  5. Press “#” to save it. To dial your new SD button simply press the button next to it.

To give your new Speed Dial button a label:

  1. Press “HOME” button under the down arrow (Looks like an “A” or triangle.).
  2. From the screen menu, choose “Options and Settings”.
  3. From the screen menu, choose “Application Settings”.
  4. From the screen menu, choose “Personalized Labels…”.
  5. Press the Down Arrow button to scroll down to the SD entry you want to change.
  6. From the screen menu press Edit.
  7. Add the Text you want. The letters are on the dial pad. The value changes as you quickly and repeatedly press the key. For example, press key 3 two times quickly for the letter “e” or four times for the number “4”. If you accidentally miss the letter or number, continue to quickly press the key, as the choices will repeat. Wait 1 second between letters to move on to the next letter. If you make a mistake, choose the Bksp key to redo. Continue until satisfied with the label.
  8. From the screen menu press Save.
  9. Press the “Back” button until you have exited the menu.

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