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Note: Playlist should only be shared with external users. For sharing playlists with a class, the Media Gallery Canvas integration is recommended. 

Playlists are a series of videos that will play one after another in the order set on the playlist. 

To make a playlist or add videos to a playlist: 

  • Go to a video you would like in the playlist 

  • Click Actions and then Add to playlist 


NOTE: If you have not agreed to terms and conditions for the specific media, you will see the notification as shown below. Click Edit > Agree to terms and conditions >Save. 




  • Go to the Media you just edited (agreed terms and conditions to) >Actions >Add to Playlist. 

  • If you have made the playlist you want to add it to already, click the box. Otherwise, create new playlist by clicking on the + Create New Playlist > Type the Title > Create. 


Managing a playlist 

  • Click on Your Name in the header bar and then on My Playlists 

  • Click on the X to delete a video from the playlist 

  • Click on the Arrows and drag the video to reorder the playlist 

  • When you are done adjusting your playlist, click Save Changes 

NOTE: Only the playlist consisting of videos with publish statuses of “unlisted” or “public” can be shared to people outside organization (Non-OU Members cannot view the playlist that consists of the videos that are private). Refer to our article on publishing status for more information. 

Sharing the playlist: 

To Share the playlist, go to your “My Playlist” page in MyMedia. Locate the playlist you want to share. Click on the Share &Embed option located below the playlist. 


On the Share & Embed box, click on the Copy Link. Depending upon the privacy setting for the playlist share, others may or may not view and/or edit your playlist. 


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