MyMedia Hotspots: Introduction and how to add them

Hotspots are clickable objects in a video. They usually have links relevant to the video’s content, which may include:

  • Another video
  • A form
  • A wiki article
  • A pdf
  • A citation
  • A different time point in the video

Note: Hotspots cannot be used in Quiz videos.

To access the Hotspot Menu, log in using your OUNet ID in
Once you are logged in, click on Your Name on the top-right corner and the MyMedia on the drop down media.

Then, click on the Edit icon to the right of the video in which you would like to add Hotspots.

Click on the Launch Editor button.

This will take you to the Video Editor window.

  1. Click on the Hotspot Tab in the video editor
  2. Next, drag the blue indicator in the time-bar to the point of the video in which you would like to add a hotspot
  3. Click on Add Hotspot

Click on the media player at the spot in which you want to add the Hotspot. You can move it by clicking, holding and dragging to a new position. However, you cannot place it in the bottom part of the video.

Add the text that you wish to display on the hotspot, select whether you want to add an URL or a different time within the same video.
To change the format of the Hotspot, click on advanced settings. Aspects such as the style of text and shape and the timeline of the hotspot can be edited here.

Click on Done.

A Hotspot can be edited and duplicated after saved by clicking on the three dots on its right end.

Click on Save when finished.

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