Avaya Aura – New Setup Instructions

The new Avaya Aura voicemail indicates delivery of a voice message by turning on the message waiting light.   In addition, you may choose to set up an additional delivery sent to your e-mail address as a wav file.
All users must complete step 1.

  1. To set up your mailbox, dial 5-1111.
    • At the prompt, enter the temporary password 686245#.
    • You will be prompted to change the password and record your name and greeting. Certain password restrictions do apply:
      • The new password must be 6-15 digits in length
      • Certain combinations of numbers are not allowed, such as your phone number.
    • If you are not on your office phone but on a campus phone, you may dial in with 5-1111. Next hit * then # followed by your five digit phone number (Example. 325-1234 would be 51234).
    • If you are off campus on a non-OU phone, you may dial in with 325-1111. Next hit # followed by your five digit phone number (Example. 325-1234 would be 51234).

The prompts have been duplicated from the Octel system; so if you have been a user of the University Octel voice mail in the past, everything in your current users’ guide will be the same except that the dial-in number is 5-1111 instead of 5-3000.

All messages will be auto-deleted after 21 days.

To set up e-mail delivery, complete steps 2 and 3 to enter the e-mail address for message delivery. In addition, users may customize other features on line with the following instructions.

  1. To set your preferences, including entering your e-mail address for message delivery, click on the following link:  https://vmail.ou.edu or enter the address in your browser.
    • Once you reach the login page, enter your 5 digit mailbox (phone) number, 5xxxx.
    • Enter the password you established when you called into the system (without the #).

The tabs on the left allow customization to the default settings.

  1. The Notify Me tab is where you will enter the e-mail address for delivery of the voice mail message.  Check to include the message in your e-mail so the voice message will be received as a wav file.
  2. There is also an optional “reach me” feature which allows you to enter a number to which to transfer a call if your phone is not answered.  You may also customize a schedule by day and time when the “reach me” feature is enabled.

To dial into the system to retrieve messages, make or change recordings, or change user preferences via your phone, dial 5-1111.  To forward your phone directly to voice mail, forward to 5-1111.

Please note that the message waiting light will remain on until you call into the box to delete the messages or unless the system auto-deletes all messages after 21 days. Even though you receive a copy of the voice message in an e-mail if you choose to include e-mail delivery, the message still resides in the box. To delete a message from your box, call into the system from your phone and follow the prompts. Once the message begins to play, press 7 to delete.

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